Company Profile Datanesia Software (Indonesia Software House) is a service software & hardware in Indonesia, which moves in the field of Software House, Web Developer, Networking. In the field of software, Making services serve Software (software) for various applications HRD & PAYROLL. Versi Dekstop,SOFTWARE PAYROLL. or HRD & PAYROLL. Versi Webbase Payroll Web Based,vesion online Dynamic Payroll Web Based One of the reasons our company's presence is in response to challenges to the development of information technology industry in Indonesia. Along with technological developments and user needs, providing solutions Indonesia a reliable means of information, appropriate and current, thus providing the maximum added value for users by providing the right solutions in information technology advances. deficiency and excessive manual data processing system will greatly affect the effectiveness of the progress of a company / organization, therefore Indonesia responded by providing the best solution. And useful Understanding the expectations and needs of costumer / client is a major focus in the process of providing solutions. Selection and mastery of information technology, project management methods and the right is an important step in carrying out the work. Framework for Research and Development (R & D) carried out continuously for innovation and creativity to achieve a better quality. As a company that is growing and developing entrepreneurial spirit, commitment to quality, continuous learning, and proactive to change, we try to actualize the competence of each activity. Customer satisfaction is the estuary of the achievements of each value chain in our company.

Business Model

are in the information industry, focused on IT Solution and networks. We combine all aspects of the modules and work based on the needs of customers in delivering the best service and solutions unlimited. We provide information systems development and complete the application, in addition to private sector governance as well, ranging from small companies to large companies. Supported by reliable and skilled workers in their fields (Desktop Application Design, Web Design, Computer Networking, Troubleshooting, Information System), we strive to provide quality services for our customers, efficiency in operations and enhance the company flexibility to grow in the future.